Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Survived day 4

Alright just got off work ... Long day today! But I got a lot accomplished at work which makes it all worth it! I really wanna weigh myself everyday . but I really think I'm gonna stick to every 3 days.  Just so I don't get disappointed.  I was gonna juice for dinner, but I'm really not that hungry.  Or maybe the juice just doesn't sound that appetizing tonight! Oh well no dinner for me tonight! Till tomorrow ...


  1. i know just what you mean! i don't want any juice in the evening but i know i need something in my stomach. i'm looking forward to seeing how much more you have lost at your next weigh in! oh and i don't think there is any possible way i could do this for 60 days straight ;) maybe once a week tho!