Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24 - of 60 day juice fast

Its day 24. Just jumped on the scale lost 1 pound. Total lost as of today is 23 pounds. :) yay! loving how every time I get on the scale I see results .. I have never been the same weight yet. yay!! My close are feeling really loose and a lot of people are telling me they can really tell the difference. Makes me very happy!  Your support guys has really got me through.  I read the most interesting articles online the other day about how  much this is really repairing my body and adding years on to my life. Also kind of annoying how people always are so negative about it and immediately say "that is unhealthy".  These people have no idea the amount of research I have done during and before this fast, and also they are eating burger king and trying to tell me I am unhealthy. Ha! I downloaded a book today (my first one) on my ipad It's called "The Beauty Detox Solution".  It has a lot of really healthy but super good recipes in there for after  I stop this fast :) Cant wait .. 36 days and counting. Haha! Have a good day guys. My grandma is coming down today. Can't wait to see her! - Krystle

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  1. that is so great you are seeing results!! you are amazing. forget those other people--they are uneducated and condemning what they know nothing about. yeah, cause fruits and veggies are SO unhealthy...pssh.