Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25- of 60 day juice fast

Just got off work ... Long day today. Still juicing and doing well. Haven't cheated at all :) so happy!! Feels really good my energy is up as well:) hasent been really hard to wake up in the morning ... 35 days to go. About to watch "fast five" with the boyfriend . I I have tomorrow off .. Gotta to some laundry and get my heater checked
Out by a repair man. Heater almost blew up my house a few days ago. Hopefully my home warranty will
Cover a new one. But chances are slim to none. My grandma left today. Had a really nice time with her. I'm glad
To have her in my life.... Anyways I've been thinking of taking a vacation this year . I really wanna do a house boat for a week in lake Powell but its super far drive ( like 2 days) and I don't think we can take that much time off. Any ideas guys? Let me know! Have a good night :))


  1. i bet your friends and family are so proud of you for doing this well! your body will thank you. a vacation is always fun, let us know where you decide to go!

    1. They are super proud .. 35 more days seems like a lot tho!!