Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Sunday, January 22, 2012

day 22 -of 60 day juice fast

Alright tried on pants today that haven't fit in years and they fit and were not tight at all!!! :) woo hoo seeing results is so amazing.. Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  My dog was severely ill and vomiting with hives all over her body and a extremely swollen snout.  She woke up today all better tho!! Thank god!! I was worried for a good 24 hours!  So happy she is ok, just kinda weirded out cus I have no idea what caused it.  Alright guys have a good day!! I'm gonna go make my breakfast drink now :) Oh BTW I weighed in yesterday and lost 2 more pounds total 22!!! Sweeeeetnessss :)

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  1. i'm glad jenna is doing better now!! i wonder what she was allergic to? i bet you are so stoked to fit into those pants, it's a good feeling and makes it all worth it!