Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26- Night time

Ok so me and John got our taxes done ... and yes we finally can afford to remodel the kitchen with new cabinets and granite, and the spare bathroom :) WOOO HOO! my house was built in the 70's so you can only imagine how much better this modern kitchen is gonna look! I will take pictures whenever it is totally complete. Who knows how long it will take. But I want it done now.  I weighed myself early, and lost another pound. Total weight loss is 24 pounds! Super stoked!! Can't lie I am still wanting food bad.  I notice all the food commercials and signs with food on them. I feel like a real fat ass lol.  Weird that before you really don't pay any mind to that.  Iv'e been thinking a lot though of what I am going to eat when I get off this.  I know even if its the healthiest thing in the world, it's gonna taste great (at least at first.) Haha.  Alright guys well have a good night! -xoxo

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  1. Great job! Keep going! Love keeping up with your blog news!