Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10- of 60 day juice fast

WOW! It's actually day 10. If I was doing the normal 10 day juice fast I would be done now :) But im not. LOL My weight loss and my changing taste buds have deff helped me get thru these 10 days.  Still when I think of a whole 60 days it seems so long.  Just taking it one day at a time.  Not drinking is also kind of a pain haha.. makes me feel like an alcoholic.  I just like to socially drink so it's weird not to.  Last night my friend Stephanie introduced me to this iphone app. That is amazing! It's called "Myfitnesspal", if anyone is trying to loose wight I would deff recommend you download it.  You can even make friends and track your and their goals. My name on there is *krystlegilbert* . if you wanna read more about it go to . I obviously am not calorie counting now but once i'm off this, this will deff help me reach my goal :)

Anyways, I had the best breakfast today by far.


3 chunks pineapple
4 strawberries
2 carrots
1 lime
1 pear

It was great because it didn't have all the veggies I normally put in there. But it felt like a dessert and a nice treat I needed. Alright I need to sweep and mop my floors, but lack the motivation, I just need to do it. Here goes nothing! Bring it on day 10!


  1. Wow Day 10 you go girl thats amazing!!!

  2. Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your breakfast sounds so good! Did you zest or juice the lime or both????

  3. I juiced the lime ... but left a little peel on it ( cus i couldnt get it off.) With this juice fast I am beginning to really crave lemons and limes.. and never liked them at all in my past .. weird!!! They add an amazing taste to the juices :)