Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lunch on Day 1

Alright just finished lunch on day 1 .... It was actually REALLY GOOD!! I also went to the grocery store and all the produce I needed :).  The clerk even said "wow you eat healthy"... then I had to explain how my unhealthy lifestyle has led to this.

I used:
1 apple
1 pear (was not ripe and doesnt need to be ripe)
4 strawberries

I guess for dinner im gonna add some veggies :)


  1. hi! thanks for your comment, i too will be following your blog! i haven't done an all-fruit drink yet but i bet it tasted yummy. i will blog at the end of each day about which juices we made and how we liked them. good luck to both of us!

  2. WOW A 60 day Juice fast! Your AMazing! MY Only advice is to try and add more veggies as fruit is really high in sugar. We only did a 3 day fast but we are still having juice everyday. Very excited to hear how you go and we wish you all the best!! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for ur support guys! Im super excited! I will deff add veggies tonight! I know have the power to do it ! Making this blog was also tons of fun! Im hoping the comments and support will also be a total motivation! Good luck on your journeys! Lets stay in touch!