Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 40!

Kitchen is getting redone right now have no sink or a anywhere to clean and prepare the juice. So I ate a orange and 1/2 a carrot. Best
Orange of my life!! Lately to be honest I've barely been drinking one juice a day because just the taste of it makes me sick. I feel like I am just starving myself instead of fasting. Eating just that satisfied me. Next few days are
Probably Gonna be the same cus the kitchen is taking longer then expected . As does everything we want quickly. I wasent able to weigh myself
Today so I will tomorrow! Have a good night guys!

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  1. well you have done a great job and it kinda sounds like your body is telling you something! can't wait to see the kitchen, it will be worth it i'm sure!