Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34- of 60 day juice fast

Sorry didn't post yesterday, was busy shopping with my grandma and then we went to our friends house that night to hang out and catch up a bit. Day 33 I lost 1 pound. Down 29 pounds total! Hoping that the next weigh in I will hit the *30* pound mark!  It is now day 34 I'm doing well.  About to go to lunch with some coworkers (but bringing my juice LOL)  My future mother in law gave me a plan on what to do the first three days off of the fast.

1st day
8oz of any other fruit

2nd day
12 oz one type of fruit
14 oz pear or citrus fruit
raw veggies salad with leafy greens tomato celery 2 pear 2 apples and 1/2 avacado

3rd day
Resume healthy diet (raw fresh fruits, raw steamed veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds)

Soooo .. makes me happy knowing exactly what i'm gonna do when I am off this. I was getting worried!!!! I think I am actually going to have a little anxiety when I finally eat.  Just worried I am gonna gain the weight back. But I have tons of healthy meals panned. So I should be good :) Have a good day guys! And for anyone starting this and reading this good luck! I'm rooting for you! Let me know about your success!


  1. that's great!! you must celebrate when you hit 30lbs lost! i am curious what ingredients you have been using on a typical day. are you generally doing the same thing over and over or are you trying new combinations?

    1. Wow my commenting is finally working!! I normally lets say .. have 1 carrot , 1 apple, cucumber, spinach, pear ... changes all the time but stuff normally like that! haha i went to a 30th birthday last night. it seemed like everyone was celebrating for me because there were signs everywhere that said *30* haha and i had just lost 30 pounds that day!