Meet my Family

Meet my Family

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36- of 60 day juice fast

Last night was tough. I went to my good friends "rich" 30th birthday surprise party. I had to try to stay positive while looking at everyone eat and drink their lives away lol.  It was tough  But it was really fun catching up with everyone! Seemed like everyone really noticed my weight loss which made me feel really good.  But at the time it was super hard not to be grumpy.  Our friends spent the night last night and John wanted to take us all the breakfast and I agreed (don't know why).  But I sat there while they were eating breakfast burritos and omelets lol. Talk about hard. (as I'm sipping a water with lemon). Took a few pics last night.  Kinda hard to tell my weight loss with the shirt on (cus its flowy, but enjoy! And happy super bowl to everyone.  We are staying in today I don't want any more temptations. Oh and as of westerday I have lost 30 pounds!!!!!! :) what a success!!!

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  1. you are such a pretty woman!! your house, your friends--everything looks like fun! you are staying so strong and you probably have admirers you don't even know about :)